1.5 Million Earmarked For Erectile Dysfunction Research Embezzled

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It is evident that the problems associated with erectile dysfunction are being researched on a larger scale than one may think. Years and a large some of money have been spent on this male hated health issue for a long time.

It would seem that even governments are aware of the problem hitting their male citizens and a few of them have taken steps to see to it that scientist do a thorough research in order to find drugs or some other means to help treat it.

As we mentioned, a lot of money has been pumped into the researches but unfortunately, it would seem that a few individuals have used the government grants allocated for health researches to fill their pockets. We are of the opinion that this practice is not only unethical but criminal and unjust.

NBC Bay Area Investigative Unit recently reported of a government grant totaling $1.5 million as a stimulus given to the University of California San Francisco for studies concerning erectile dysfunction of middle aged men who are overweight but the money was alleged to have gone into the pockets of a few individuals.

Imagine the millions of men having to cope with erectile dysfunction, imagine how they have been struggling to find a solution! Impotence, whether temporary or not is not something that can be taken lightly because it can jeopardize harmony in a family, can cause mental troubles for the afflicted man and a lot of other by-repercussions.

This is an example of how unscrupulous people may tend to derive profits and feed on the woes of other men. We know the men’s health industry is a large and lucrative one but these people are giving it a bad name.

Also, there products being marketed to target the male audience simply offering them solutions to their problems but on the contrary, they offer dangerous drugs and even swindle them by using a series of tricks. Read our How To Avoid Herbal Male Enhancement Scams to get an idea what to do and what you should be aware of if you want to buy any supplement online but don’t know much about the product in question.

Our advice is to be extremely careful and to always talk to your doctor about every sex related issue you may have since only your doctor is in a better position to know what to do in such situations.

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