How Important Are Testosterone Levels?

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There is no topic or discussion about male sexual enhancement without mentioning TESTOSTERONE Levels. We all know that testosterone is vital to sexual health of a man. A lot has been said but very few explain in details what this hormone really is.

Definition Of Testosterone

Testosterone is an anabolic steroid known as the most important male sex hormone although it can also be found in female ovaries. It is produced by the testicles. Its production in the testicles begins as a man enters into the age of puberty, reaches its maximum level when the man is in his 20s and then starts to decline with age.

According to research, testosterone levels drop at a rate of 10% per decade (every 10 years). When the level of testosterone declines below a certain amount, the man begins to notice signs of sexual failures accompanied by a few bodily features.

The Role Of Testosterone?

influence of testosterone on men
Testosterone plays an important role in enhancing male health. Its functions apart from improving a man’s sexual abilities include growth of bones, deep male voice, reinforcement of reproductive tissues, regulation of how the body produces red blood cells, improvement of sexual function and sperm production and also can be used to address a number of health problems.

Athletes and body builders are known to use testosterone to boost energy and increase muscle mass.

Effects Of Decreased Testosterone Levels

Again, aside from loss of sex drive, stamina, erection power and low sperm volume and count, decreased testosterone levels can also cause fatigue, loss of sleep, emotional flaws (all are causes of erectile dysfunction) and aggression to name but a few.

If you notice a change in your behavior, it may be due to low level of testosterone therefore check with your doctor for verification.

In one of our earlier posts concerning this hormone, we pointed out some scientific facts which support the notion that modern day humans are a lot weaker than our ancestors due to our modern lifestyle which reduces our testosterone production.

How Can You Boost Your Testosterone Levels?
boost testosterone levels
The most frequent method is by using hormone therapy or replacement but we should warn against such practices because these therapies can be very expensive and they cannot be grouped into the “NATURAL” category.

We would like to advise our readers to always opt for naturals or herbals. These are about the safest and the cheapest.

Nearly if not all herbal male enhancement products can help you to boost your testosterone level. No matter if you use erection enhancement pills, premature ejaculation control supplements, penis enhancement products as long as they are herbal, you should be sure that they can help you increase your body’s production of testosterone the natural way.

Simply browse our site and check our reviews of each male enhancement supplement of your choice.

Don’t Let Low Testosterone Level Ruin Your Sex Life!

5.00 avg. rating (93% score) - 2 votes
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