Joblessness Causing Relationship Problems

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We once were sent a sample of male enhancement supplements to test and then give our feedback about the workings of the supplements. Just then we had a visitor who happens to be my room mate for 4 years when we were in the University and the guy seeing what we had asked to be given some too to try which we did.

Weeks later, he called me up on another entirely different topic but I didn’t forget to ask him how the supplements we gave him performed and his answer got me baffled and at the same time worried.

“I did not use the pills because I am not presently thinking about sex. I am having problems with my wife due to the fact that I have been out of job for the last 6 months and she is taking it out on me” He said. “An empty wallet and sex don’t go hand in hand”.

I wondered what he meant by that but I quickly became aware of what must have been happening to him knowing his wife from our University days and knowing her temper. She was picking on him for being jobless and this is bearing hard on him and on everybody around him.

So what has this to do with sex and how a man performs you may ask. A lot I would dare say my friend. You can not have your mind on how you will survive the economic crisis and at the same time be able to satisfy any woman sexually.


An article happens to mention that the worries of putting food on the table is one of those things that will distract a man’s focus and as such can not be able to accomplish a satisfactory sexual performance.

Your Sexual Performance Sometimes Is A Thing Of The Mind
Have you ever been is such a situation that you were prepared for a promising sexual experience but then something distracts your attention? You know that you have an obligation (call it sex) with your female partner but it just wouldn’t work out because of that thing lurking at the back of your subconscious self. Somewhere in your psyche something is amiss. This is the sort of psychological causes of erectile dysfunction as documented which you can read here.

Another different but related case is when some guy’s marriage came to a collapse due to the fact that he too became penniless as a result of a lay off.

If you have been having similar issue, you are not alone and we surely know that men in their millions around the world are going through such problems.

What Can You Do In Such A Situation?
We wish we had a magic wand to wave off the whole problem but as life is what it is, this is an impossible thing but we can only give advice on a few basic things.

1. It is easy to say, don’t panic. If you can control yourself try as hard as you can to do it although we realize how difficult that may be under the circumstances. Confide in a person you have confidence in and tell him everything. Sometimes, saying what is on your mind to a trusted person can give you relief.

2. Seek counsel from an authorized person. A marriage counselor will be appropriate and discuss things over. You may be given a couple of advantageous advices.

3. Don’t go immediately for an erection enhancement pill. Wait until your mind is settled.

Male Sexual Enhancement Products Are No Cure For A Troubled Mind!
In fact this is one of the reasons why some people fail when they use an enhancement supplement. With worries on your mind no pill will work but if you are relieved and use them then your sexual performance will be matchless.

To Your Male Sexual Performance!

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