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We have witnessed in recent years the boom of products whose target aims are men. Why men? Because of sooo many reasons. First, according to an old woman who used to be a family friend when I was young, I remember she is fond of saying “A man’s health is judged by his sexual prowess”. Strange as it may sound but coming to think better, the woman may be right after all.

A. Think of the major illnesses that are exclusively male affair, when they strike, its the man’s performance that gets the greatest blow.

B. When a man loses his ability to engage in a sexual intercourse, the effects on him are dramatic. He loses his self confidence and falls into depression. A psychological blow which can trigger other minor or major forms of disorders. Wait a minute. When health is in question, no illness is minor. Anything that threatens your health is something you have to steer clear of.

C. Men would go to all lengths to spend on something that will make then “The man”.

D. Etc, etc….

Now not that other aspects of health is not in question. In due time you will find that we shall be updating our blog to provide information on health issues for men.

Now you may be thinking that we have only male health issues in mind. Allow us to prove you wrong by you visiting our blog at Enhancements With The Woman In Mind.

At our mother website Men’s Health Pharmacy – Reviews, we give reviews of male health products that we know do work, safe and affordable.


3.00 avg. rating (70% score) - 1 vote
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  1. I can see only one post here but that is not an issue. The issue here is that I want to increase my penis size. Do you have any suggestions?

  2. Willy says:

    Very few studies have been done so far on whether acupuncture has the ability to help with the fertility of men. Of course, there is some evidence that has come up that suggest that acupuncture and fertility of men can be linked together. The best part about it is that acupuncture could actually increase the amount of fertility in a man without causing them to have any kind of behavioral side affects or causing increased sexual desire. Doctors do think that acupuncture does lead to an increase in the number of sperm count found in the body. They also said that this could even help improve very slight structural defects. So why doesn’t everyone jump on board this acupuncture band wagon? Why aren’t all lower sperm count men out there looking into this? This has something to do with the other methods that are out there.

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