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Product Name: SizeGenetics
Type: Penis Extender
Major Function: Penis Enlargement (Up to 30% in length and girth)
Other Functions: Peyronie’s Disease (penis curvature) treatment, premature ejaculation control, erection enhancement, self confidence booster
Shipping: Worldwide
Price: From $199.95
Money Back Guarantee: 180 Days
Medical Backing: So many scientific researches and studies
Our Rating: Absolute 5 Stars
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The SizeGenetics extender penis traction extender device is by far the best in this category of stretchers as of now. Over a fantastic period of 16 years this enlargement product has been in the first position on the ladder.

How SizeGenetics Extender Works

The Sizegenetics penile extension device uses the traction method. This is a similar technique used in gyms by body builders to increase their muscle size and strength by lifting weight and flexing the muscles. Also some cultures use the exact method to elongate their necks, lips and ear lobes.

Sizegenetics Extender Specifics

The excellence by which the Sizegenetics extender can help you increase the length and girth of your penis is supported by the following characteristics which only a few of these kinds of products can boast of.

Medical Type 1 Device

In accordance with the regulations of Medical Device Directive, this penile enlargement device has been awarded the Medical Type 1 certificate for efficacy and safety. This is a confirmation that it delivers the results you expect and at the same time guarantees your safety.

With the incorporation of the 16 Way Comfort Strap, you can adjust the device to your liking while wearing it. You can not say this for a number of other penis enlargement traction devices.

Endorsement By Medical Professionals Worldwide
Doctors all over the world who had the opportunity to clinically test the Sizegenetics extender device have confirmed that it really works and as such have approved its use to their patients. An amazing fact about this penis traction device is that even highly respected penis enlargement surgeons use it on their patients in order to get the best results.

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How Sizegenetics Helps Your Sex Life

Now that we have stated above why Sizegenetics is superior to other devices (Other devices too work only Sizegenetics outranks them all) we now outline the benefits that you should expect from using this device.

1. Penis Enlargement By Up To 3 Inches
There is a possibility to increase your penile size by as much as 30% of length and girth. Clinical tests have shown that men can gain up to 3 inches (length) and 2.5 inches (girth).

2. Treatment Of Penis Curvature
Some men have abnormally curved penis as a result of a plaque developed within the penile tissues. This is also known as Peyronie’s disease (Named after the French doctor who first diagnozed it). The curvature of the penis may cause unbearable pain when the penis is erect and may make sexual intercourse difficult for the man.

3. Improved, Stronger And Lasting Penile Erections
Due to the contraction and expansion of the device when you wear it the device in so doing massages your penis thereby enabling better blood circulation. The result is harder erections which last longer.

4. Control Of Premature Ejaculation
The device is able to help you control your ejaculations. The traction force which the extender uses strengthens the PC muscles. These are the muscles which you control when you pass out urine as well as when you ejaculate.

5. More Enhancement…
This is however not the whole advantages which you can get from Sizegenetics. In order to find out more details visit their website through the links we provide.

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If you send your before and after pictures to the manufacturers, you may get a full refund of the money you paid to buy this product. This is an on going promotion that may be terminated anytime while the promotion lasts therefore you may want to get your own penile enlargement product before this offer closes.

Professional Customer Support
There are over 54,000 men which are currently supported. The support team is highly dedicated to answer your questions 24/7.

Money Back Guarantee
When you buy Sizegenetics, you are covered by a 180-day money back guarantee. That is 3 months. During that period you should begin to notice improvements. On the contrary you may return the product for a refund.

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Other Things To Take Note Of
Sizegenetics offer 3 options of the package to suit every pocket. The Ultimate System($389.85), The Device Alone($350) and The Budget System($199.95).

Note: If you decide to buy the Ultimate System you can get a $50 discount. Simply enter ECON8 into your order.

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5.00 avg. rating (96% score) - 5 votes