Permanent Penis Enlargement: Proven Methods

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We have been receiving emails from men asking what methods to use for permanent penis enlargement. Therefore we have decided to write this blog post on that topic.

It is no wonder these men ask those questions if we know that just by browsing the internet one can come across thousands of male enhancement products which promise permanent penis enlargement and as such everyone is confused which one to choose.

How Can You Achieve Permanent Penis Enlargement?

Before we give you a list of proven methods, allow us to point to things you have to be cautious about and methods you should stay clear of.

Stay Away From Unproven Methods!

penis enlargement caution

Some marketers are scrupulous. Seeing the frustration of men with small penises and their desperate efforts to make them bigger, they put just anything on the market and give it a fantastic label just to entice you. We advise you to be very very careful and don’t just jump on those. You may lose your money or even your health that way.

Weight Hanging
Weight hanging can increase your size but we would not advice it because some men in eagerness to get penis increase as fast as possible may over do it and therefore cause damages to their organs. The damage may even be more severe which may lead to another sexual dysfunction for the man.

Penis Enlargement Pills
There are pills that can enlarge your penis but most men confuse them with penis enhancement. With penis enhancement pills especially the herbals, your penis can function perfectly in erections, lasting longer and getting powerful orgasms. Most of those herbal supplements do increase the size of your erections but as soon as your penis goes limp, it returns to its normal position.

This characteristic is not bad since your penis looks and feels bulkier and likewise can satisfy your woman sexually but there is nothing like a permanent penis enlargement.

One herbal supplement which we are sure can help you on your road to a permanent penis enlargement is Neosize XL. It has helped many men and it is manufactured in FDA approved laboratories. Visit There Site >> for more details.

Penis Pumps
The pumps use the theory of vacuum. When you place your penis inside the container and start pumping, it causes a vacuum which pulls blood into the corporal cavernosa and so the penis becomes thicker. This is usually used to get more powerful erections by people suffering from erectile dysfunction. The effects of these pumps also are not permanent.

However there is good news for those men who would like pumps. We have done some research and found a penis pump which has excellent possibilities. It is called Penomet. If you want the details, Visit their site here >>.

Permanent Penis Enlargement With Devices

Devices are by far the best and the most natural methods of permanent penis enlargement. They use traction (tension) technique similar to those used in body building. We have written a review of one which everyone considers the best of them all. It may be a bit more expensive than other devices but then it is quality and results you want.

Read our Review of the Size Genetics penis extender!

We hope we have answered the questions and wish you all the best in your quest for permanent penis enlargement.

4.75 avg. rating (92% score) - 4 votes
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