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This is great news! We are sure that a lot of men who know about Procalisx will be happy with this our new addition to the male herbal products which we feature on our mens-health-pharmacy website. For men looking for an herbal product to help them with erectile dysfunction this should be wonderful news.

The Story Behind Procalisx
treating impotence with procalisx
Procalisx is the first herbal alternative to the prescription erectile dysfunction drug Cialis™. When it first appeared over 7 years ago, it caused a worldwide sensation because of its many benefits which we are going to discuss along this post.

A little over 10 years ago, the revolutionary drug for treating impotence in men “Viagra” was approved by the FDA and it became accessible to men having sexual difficulties. In fact Viagra became the synonym for medications which handle male erectile issues. Later on Cialis was introduced.

Although with a different formulation but the same target problem, Cialis also soon became widely accepted and a lot of men around the world were successful to treat erectile dysfunction with it.

The Problem With Prescription ED Medications
It is completely undeniable that both Viagra and Cialis are great products and have helped millions of men to regain their sexual prowess once again yet not every man that is afflicted has the possibility to use them. Being administered ONLY by a prescription from a qualified doctor. The reason for this is because these drugs interact with medications based on nitrates. Medicines used to treat heart diseases are based on nitrates meaning that men with such kinds of health issues should stay away from both Viagra and Cialis. Men soon found that their hope of getting over their impotence problems may be a dream after all until Procalisx stepped in.

People in Procalisx saw this problem and proceeded to look for a safer alternative which will be as effective and one which can be used by all men no matter their health history. They succeeded and that is why we have Procalisx today.

Disappointment In 2009
For years men have been using Procalisx to remedy their erectile dysfunction issues, used it to boost their male sexual performance by being able to achieve rock solid penis erection that last longer, increase their libidos, have multiple sexual sessions within a day etc.. then all of a sudden and without warning Procalisx vanished from the face of the earth only to resurface in 2011.

The explanation was that Procalisx was marketed through GenBucks but the manufacturers were not happy with how their products were being promoted and ultimately cancelled their contract with the said company. Now a new marketer in on the stage and they are making Procalisx available to men once again. So much for the history.

What Should Men Expect From Procalisx?

  • Erectile dysfunction solution is the major function
  • You want harder, stronger and longer lasting erections, this is for you.
  • Increasing male libido is another function
  • Want a fast acting product (only 15 minutes to sexual encounter) to help you get it up? Procalisx is the one.
  • Multiple sexual sessions? Yes
  • Cost? A fraction of what you will spend if you buy Cialis.

We are sure that you are eager to discover the new and improved Procalisx and therefore you may visit the page on! Or just click on the banners and you will be there.

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Make no mistake about it Procalisx is a powerful herbal solution for erectile dysfunction.

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