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How Important Are Testosterone Levels?

There is no topic or discussion about male sexual enhancement without mentioning TESTOSTERONE Levels. We all know that testosterone is vital to sexual health of a man. A lot has been said but very few explain in details what this … Continue reading

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The Need To Increase Levels Of Testosterone And Sperm

Prehistoric Australian Aborigines had the capabilities to out run Usain Bolt. A Neanderthal woman had the strength to beat Arnold Schwarzenegger. Tutsi men jumped higher than 2.45 meters. Testosterone responsible. Continue reading

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Andropause And How It Links To Erectile Dysfunction

Before we go on to discuss about the effects of andropause on male sexual performance, let us first understand what this age related phenomenon is. You may also have come across the term “male menopause”; this is one and the … Continue reading

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