The Ingredients Used To Make VolumePills

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We are going to discuss the semen volume improvements in this post because we have seen that a lot of men do not really understand its significance. If you are ask any man how does he want to improve how he performs in sex, his first answer will be to improve his erection power. Are erectile dysfunction pills the only supplements that can boost your penile erections? Of course not. Semen enhancement products as well have that capability. In this article we focus on the ingredients that are used to make one of the most popular sperm enhancement supplements – VolumePills.

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The amazing VolumePills are a sexual performance booster that very few such products can compare with. Not only that the pills guarantee rock hard erections and longer performance, but they also provide a unique twist: bigger sperm loads. And better performance in bed is the forerunner of a lot of good things in a man-woman relationship. The lack of sexual satisfaction has lead to so many frictions among partners which often result in more heart-breaking attitudes like looking for someone else to fill up that missing aspect. As an older man once said “good sex = peace in home”. We quite agree with this philosophical but true statement.

The secret behind this wonderful achievement is the special selection of herbal components, whose power is supplemented by extraordinary effects of the Zinc Gluconate, Solidilin and Drilizen. The compounds help improve the quality and motility of sperm, the quality and timespan of erections and also the sexual motivation of subjects.

You may want to watch a video Doctors Recommended Sperm Enhancer Pills and as well listen to the success stories of those who have had the benefit of these Volume pills.


We shall like especially to focus on Zinc Gluconate:

“The U.S. Food and Drug Administration (FDA) considers zinc gluconate to be generally recognized as safe (GRAS) when used in accordance with good manufacturing practice, although this does not constitute a finding by the FDA that the substance is a useful dietary supplement.[12]”
Reference taken from Wikipedia under Zinc Gluconate.

Aside from these three components, the pills are based on herbs that promote an improved health of the cardiovascular system and a boost in the production of testosterone in the body. The vasodilatory group is made of Taj, Sunflower and Arjuna, coupled with Apigenin and Amla for helping to maintain blood vessels. These herbs work as a team to insure that more blood flows to your penis, thus insuring rock hard and longer lasting erections.

The testosterone boosters are Musli, Momordica, Shatavari and Cordyceps. With help from the metabolism streamliner Bladderwrack, these herbs help men increase the production of sperm beyond the average values. More sperm translates directly into longer and more fulfilling orgasms, which is practically too good to be true.

Also keep in mind that the tremendous increase in sexual stamina and sperm levels will not benefit just you, but also your partner. VolumePills will make her come back for more time and again, especially since you will be able to satisfy this pleasant increase in demand. Leave the average crowd behind and become a better man in bed with Semen Volume Enhancement Pills.

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What Can Also Increase Sperm Volume?

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